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    Understanding and safety: How we do Marriage Counselling. Real Christian Counselling is all about transforming power Come and find meaning in faith, life and relationships. Discover your purpose in individual psychotherapy.
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    Grace and Freedom. Fulfillment in career counselling

  • Our Mission: Family, marriage and couples therapy including young children. Our Mission

    More than just counselling! Proven transformation and healing, for a seeking Christian community.

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  • Our Purpose: Grief, loss and depression psychotherapy. Our Purpose

    Setting hearts free to really live the fully human lives of grace and freedom Christ promised to us all.

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  • Our Practice: Christian addiction, anger, anxiety and career counselling. Our Practice

    In an atmosphere completely free of shame or judgment, we simply provide the highest standard of professional care for all who seek our help.

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Premium Care

  • Uniquely integrated

    Experience a registered Provisional Psychologist providing Registered Christian Psychological Counseling.

  • Relaxed Atmosphere

    Comfortable, quiet and nowhere near clinical. Just a safe place for you to have a coffee and unwind.

  • 90 Min. Sessions Available

    Forget about the clock! Understanding anyone's thoughts and feelings takes time, and we make sure you have it.

  • Trusted Experience

    More then nineteen years of professional excellence in calling hearts and relationships back to life!

  • Judgment Free

    Your heart is safe here. It's all about strengthening people and marriages - not taking them apart.

  • Husband/Wife Team

    Trust those who have been there and value your commitment as much as you do.

  • New Covenant Faith

    Relationship, freedom and grace! Reclaim the choices you never thought were available to you.

  • Values Based

    Marriages restored, intimacy transformed, families preserved, dignity protected and freed people empowered.

Individual Counselling | Couples Counselling | Christian Psychologist

  • Individual Counselling Calgary

    • Sunset over the city of Calgary's Saddle Dome, home of Henze & Associates Individual Counselling Calgary services for depression, anxiety, addictions and so much more!

      Individual Counselling Calgary

      What would it feel like to really be free - to finally no longer live under the cloud of anxiety, depression, addiction or other personal issues?

      Whether you are feeling overwhelmed by anxiety or seeking solutions for addictions, counselling in Calgary with one of our caring therapists can help!

      Individual Counselling Calgary

      Many people spend weeks researching before they ever reach out for individual counselling. Calgary has a lot of options and it's so important you get the right fit. Certainly, you want to ensure that the counsellor you select has the depth of knowledge you require. Of course you are looking for a psychological counsellor who offers the kind of practical and solution-focused support you need to both resolve current problems as well as address the long-standing patterns that created them, but, there's got to be more:

      For counselling to work, there needs to be so much more than just support and practical feedback. You know there's also got to be a connection: real relationship founded in sensitivity and compassion where you can feel safe and deeply understood.

      We get that. Even the warm interior layout of our counselling office is purpose-built - because we know that only deeply-relational support works! Calgary therapists reviews about us often speak to that connection and how we walk along-side people as being the core of what we offer.

      Anxiety Counselling Calgary

      Nowhere does that attention to real connection matter more than it does for those seeking depression and anxiety help. Calgary anxiety clinic/Calgary anxiety support group involvement can provide useful information - but it's never a substitute for that real connection and feeling deeply understood and cared for that you know you need. The vast majority of anxiety and panic issues are relational in nature and it's just not possible to heal that in a cold and clinical setting.

      Addictions Counselling Calgary

      Our Calgary addiction counselling is just another area where a great relationship with your therapist is an essential element of building trust and being certain you are getting the best therapy with a compassionate counselor. Mental health and addictions courses online may offer great information, but those deep seated feelings of shame and guilt require a personal touch to resolve.

      So, if the other addictions counselling Calgary offers has failed or you have had enough of cold technique-based approaches, know that individual or anxiety counselling can be so different and one of our counselors would be more than happy to help. We believe that nothing should hold you back from living a happier life and achieving your full potential.

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    Christian Counselling Calgary

    Christian Counselling Calgary

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    Couples Counselling Calgary

    Couples Counselling Calgary

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  • Christian Psychologist Calgary

    • Christian Psychologist Calgary consulting with female patient in distress on white couch in therapist's office.

      Christian Psychologist Calgary

      We all experience stresses and painful life events that challenge our faith and test our emotional health. While we trust that God has a plan, sometimes we have more questions than answers as we struggle through life's most difficult questions. And, we need someone who truly understands.

      At Henze and Associates: Counselling and Care, we understand that clients coming from a Christian faith perspective often strongly prefer to meet with a counsellor from a similar faith background. (The term, "Christian Counselling Calgary," is actually one of the most common terms used by those seeking counselling in Calgary or the Southern Alberta Area!)

      Christian Counselling Calgary

      When seeking a Christian psychologist in Calgary, many people simply want to know that their therapist is a Christian and shares similar beliefs. But, if you're even reading this, you probably have something more specific in mind as you choose among the many Calgary therapists.

      So, what does Christian Counselling mean to you?

      Perhaps you are seeking for a specific approach or maybe you would like the Bible or other spiritual resources used in your therapy? Possibly you are concerned that your values about marriage would be respected or, perhaps, you are looking specifically for Spiritual Direction? Whatever you are seeking, we work with you to tailor your treatment plan so it remains deeply respectful of your faith and needs as we integrate your spirituality with cutting edge psychological counselling.

      Calgary Marriage Counselling

      And, in some areas, that alignment is absolutely essential: Over the years, Christian Marriage Counselling and Christian Family Counselling are two areas where faith and values often seem to matter the most to our clients. Many have expressed fears that they would be counselled to end their marriages or that their values in the area of sex and relationship would be undermined. This is why it's so important that you are sure that your therapist shares your values and is working with you to achieve the goals you have for your marriage and family relationships.

      We understand that your faith is central to your life and your marriage or relationship and we understand that both matter more to you than anything else. We share your faith perspective and we have decades of combined experience helping people get back to both spiritual and relationship health.

      Christian Psychologist Calgary

      Money is tight for everyone and employer benefits can save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars! Though it really shouldn't be this way, one of the primary reasons for choosing a psychologist is benefits coverage. Most insurance companies require the counsellor to be a member of a provincially registered governing body, such as The College of Alberta Psychologists. If you're looking for Christian Counselling, Calgary has many options. But, if insurance coverage matters to you, it's important to check what your individual benefits company requires.

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      Christian Psychologist Calgary

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    Marriage Counselling Calgary

    • Image of married couple in desperate need of marriage counselling Calgary showing Caucasian woman screaming at African American man while man looks away.

      Marriage Counselling Calgary: How to find a marriage counselor in Calgary.

      Are you in Calgary and seeking couples counselling services or Christian Marriage Counselling?

      Are you seeking ways to resolve conflict or longing to feel closer to each other?

      Has infidelity left you desperate for healing?

      Then Henze and Associates: Counselling and Care can help. For over nineteen years, helping couples become closer, more connected and masterful at resolving anger and conflict has been our focus and our specialty!

      Read on for more information on the marriage counselling services we offer or follow this link to request a Couples Therapy Calgary appointment today.

      First steps of Marriage Counselling: Assessment

      The first session is always about exploration. We take the time to talk through both the good and the difficult areas of your relationship with a special focus on the perspectives you each bring and the steps you have taken in the past to try and address the concerns you are facing.

      Often we start with a review of your family background and the beginnings of your journey together: Your personal love story, your attraction to each other and the positive memories you built as your relationship blossomed!

      We take the time to understand your communication styles, to clarify your areas of strength and understand how you attach, show affection, demonstrate intimacy, support, trust and spend time together as a couple.

      The purpose of the Calgary Couples Counselling assessment phase is gathering information and understanding the patterns and themes of your relationship. We're looking to understand what you would define as successful marriage counselling.

      Ultimately, we want to identify your goals and catch your vision for your marriage as we together begin to work towards the stable and satisfying relationship you both desire.

      Next steps of Marriage Counselling: Understanding and Connection.

      Let's face it, it's far too easy to focus on annoying differences or get caught up in only seeing the negative parts of our relationships, such that we neglect each other's needs and grow further and further apart. We usually know what we should be doing, we just hurt too bad to do it.

      The best couples therapy Calgary has to offer will always be focused on helping you to become more connected in love and friendship. Often we have to ask couples to temporarily put aside some of their hot-button issues while we work to restore an emotional climate of connection in the relationship. Rebuilding patterns of connection that create security, love and belonging helps each of you to associate your spouse with good and positive feelings.

      Marriage is primarily about being there for our spouse and regularly meeting his or her needs for security, love, and belonging. But, sometimes it's difficult to even know what those needs are, much less understand how to meet them. We use a combination of teaching sessions and in session practical skills training that include communication exercises, practical conflict resolution skills, sex therapy exercises and so much more!

      It becomes so much easier to work through difficult issues once the emotional climate of the marriage starts to improve. That's why the Calgary couples counselling we offer always starts with restoring and then nurturing love before we go to work on identifying and changing the behaviors that steal love away from your relationship.

      Conflict Resolution/Marriage Mediation Calgary

      Long before the wedding day, couples begin to form their own interconnected family system. They develop patterns of communication, unwritten rules of conflict, perceptions of each other and react to each other out of beliefs likely held since childhood. Some of those patterns are positive and draw the couple together, while others result in vicious cycles of conflict that can take on a life of their own.

      The best marriage counselling Calgary can offer to those trapped in those constant cycles of vicious conflict will always start with helping each person take responsibility for their own part in both making the pattern and replacing it with much more life giving options.

      There is no such thing as a, "Perfect marriage," and some problems may never be fully solved. Accepting imperfection in some areas while learning skills of negotiation and creativity in problem solving in others create much happier marriages than a demand for perfection ever will. Healthy marriages are places where people accept each other, focus on positives, build upon their strengths and take responsibility for their perceptions and belief systems. And, learning a more gentle style of communication with each other is an essential element of effective couples therapy.

      Marriage Counselling Calgary: Preventing relapse and solidifying change

      If you've read this far, we know you take your marriage seriously, you're looking for the best Psychologist in Calgary and you're looking for change that lasts. We're here to help you achieve that!

      In the latter stages of couples counselling, we walk with you as you solidify the gains made in warmth, respect, trust, intimacy and supportive time spent together. Real and lasting change grows as the focus shifts to the strengths the couple enjoys and the positive solutions they have developed together.

      Once both spouses feel they have made and maintained the progress they hoped for, we usually suggest spacing out the couples therapy sessions from weekly to monthly and then quarterly to help you ensure the permanence of all you have already accomplished.

      This is a time of fine tuning the change that has already occurred and troubleshooting any issues that may still arise. It's also a time of planning and following through on strategies to prevent relapse. While there are always bumps and potholes on the road of marital change, together we can make the journey as smooth as possible.

      Couples Therapy Calgary: Our approach

      In his now world famous studies of marital satisfaction and stability, Dr. John Gottman found that it isn't the presence or absence of conflict that determines if a marriage will succeed or fail. Rather, it is how couples choose to deal with their conflict that predicts the stability of a marriage.

      John Gottman teaches that, when a couple learns to turn towards each other in love, friendship and mutual respect and then handles disagreements in a respectful manner that maintains connection and positive feelings for each other, conflict can be incredibly safe and even beneficial to a marriage.

      While John Gottman's decade spanning research offers us many down to earth and practical strategies for developing strong and healthy marriages, it was really one of his chief students - Dr. Sue Johnson - who took his principles and integrated them into a school of therapy called Emotion Focused Therapy for Couples and an even more advanced skill set called Emotion Focused Therapy for Couples with Trauma. (Both of which are integral to our approach.)

      Sue Johnson's Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) is all about learning to express deep feelings and needs in a way that both creates emotional safety and compassion and leads to productive conversation about solutions. It's about recognizing that if we co-create negative patterns of relationship, then we can be equally powerful in creating positive ones that build marriages of love, acceptance and passion!

      Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) is one of the most well researched and proven effective forms of couples therapy. Calgary marriage counselling clients we see experience an eclectic blend of Emotionally Focused Therapy and psycho-educational teaching combined with exercise based skill learning so positive interaction patterns flow naturally into ever greater feelings of security, closeness and attachment.

      Calgary Couples Counselling: Book now!

      Too many couples fail to take smaller problems seriously and wait until their marriages are in dire straits before they seek help. Even those marriages can heal - but the extra pain is so unnecessary. The earlier a couple reaches out for help, the quicker and and easier it is for the closeness and harmony to be restored.

      We believe that if a couple walks down the aisle and stands before a minister or a Justice of the Peace and vows to remain together and cherish each other, "As long as they both shall live," then we need to take that vow very seriously and do everything we can both to keep that marriage together and also make it a fantastic place to be!

      Book your first Marriage Counselling Calgary appointment today!

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    Grief Counselling Calgary

    Grief Counselling Calgary

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